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Who to bring:
That girl/guy you’ve been eyeing in your urban sustainability seminar
When to go: When you want to eat quick, but also eat well
What to ask for: Apparently, the almond butter and chocolate chip cookies are amazing…
How much I paid: About $13 for the sandwich, “brownie” and americano

I found myself in Midtown this week, delivering the new issue of dandyhorse magazine to the Book City at Yonge and St. Clair.

I was a little hungry, and was expecting to pick up a shawarma or a slice of pizza before getting back on the subway. Walking out of the store and under a scaffolding, a certain sandwich board caught me eye…

Sandwich sounded nice, so I walked in to Delica Kitchen. 

I was immediately impressed by the interior - it was a bright and airy Paris-style cafeteria with a big beautiful spread of fresh sandwiches, salads and quirky desserts. Delica chefs only use all-natural, fresh ingredients - most of which is local. 

I tried the “carnivore creation” of the day, which was applewood smoked pork loin, caramelized onion and apple chutney (photo above). Every sandwich looked delicious - I stood in front of the display for 10 minutes before I made a decision.

I also had to try one of the delicious desserts. I chose the flourless chocolate espresso mini bite. This was a lot like a slightly uncooked brownie. It was a little messy, but definitely delicious. It was really moist and chewy.

Turns out, Delica is owned by Devin Connell - co-writer of the cookbook Two Dishes and daughter of the owners of Ace Bakery (which explains the delicious and fresh buns on all the sandwiches).

"Eat together?" Couldn’t have said it better myself.

by: Colleen Kirley

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